"SERVER DOWN!" when trying to authorize for client id

I tried hooking up to the irc websocket server but hit two problems.

  1. The docs specify wss://irc.chat.twitch.tv as the server, but all I get is 404. Adding port 443 changes nothing, so I’m using ws:// as a placeholder and can connect with that for now.

  2. Apparently my client-id expired but authorizing at https://dev.twitch.tv/login?returnUrl=%2fdashboard%2fapps%2fcreate gets me “SERVER DOWN!!”. You guys working on it? :smirk:

EDIT: I remembered I can continue testing with justinfan for now, and hopefully the service will get back up in time. I’d still like to resolve my problems with the url, though :thinking:

The URL for websockets is wss://irc-ws.chat.twitch.tv. irc.chat.twitch.tv is a plain TCP socket connection using IRC.

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