"SET" endpoints in new Twitch API (Helix)

Hello everyone,

I am developing my own chat bot for my channel using the new Helix API. I’ve noticed that there are no SET endpoints implemented yet. I couldn’t find anything about this on the Trello board (I might have missed something though).

What I want to implement right now are commands to change some information of my channel (e.g. the game and the stream title).

Does this mean I would have to mix Kraken and Helix API to achieve those goals? Are there any plans for such endpoints or could somebody point me to where find information about it (I couldn’t find anything on the forum)?



We expect Helix to have feature parity before Helix is removed.

Trello board probably hasn’t been updated in a looooong while :expressionless:

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I will check from time to time for any updates and mix both APIs for the time being

Big stuff like new end points should be on the announcements forums


or at least the change log

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