Set the Notification Message (Like Title / Status)

I regularly change the stream topic / title / status from my command-line app. But it seems impossible to change the “Go Live Notification” the same way. Personally, I like to keep them the same (same number of characters) because Twitch will send a new notification at random times even during a live stream in addition to when I start one up. For now, I have to change this by hand every single time. It think allowing the notification string to be updated through the API would produce a lot of value for all users because they would not be “tricked” by what the message says and better informed by their notification popup rather than having to click it and see what is going on…

A uservoice for this requested functionality exists

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Any word on this? Nothing on the user voice page so far. What would be even better is if I could lock the Title and the Notification text as a toggle option so they are always the same.

As noted by the no changes on the uservoice

No there is not an update on this.

The user voice will update if/when there is an update. Nudging on the forums won’t do anything to help on it.

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