setQuality(quality:String) - How to use this with 160p30 settings?


trying to use the following:

I would like to setQuality(“160p30”) for a video clip embed but its not working.

The options listed: high, medium, low, mobile - don’t seem to be working anymore for video clips because they changed to 720p30,480p30,360p30,160p30.

Anyone know what the issue can be?


Old Video Clips that have the settings for high, medium, low, mobile still work fine with the setQuality setting but all new video clips that have the other settings do not.

Will this be fixed sometime soon?

Anyone know if you can create some intermediary link for the different values so that the setQuality still works?
High = 720p30
Medium = 480p30
Low = 360p30
Mobile = 160p30

Also will they update all the older video ie Highlights to use the new settings instead of the old?

Try setQuality("720p30") to set the quality.

Doesn’t work, the only videos that take in the setQuality setting are the old ones with the other format. Any new videos with the new transcoding options have no way to set it.

This does work. I inserted the interactive embed with one of KingGothalion’s videos:

    var options = {width: '100%', height: '100%', video: "v146831601"};

And then called player.setQuality("160p30") in the console, and it updated:

It did take a while to change the transcode. The options cog will spin while it is changing from Source/Auto/other quality to the new quality. Do you see it spinning after you call player.setQuality?

Just did a test - this is now working fine in IE/Chrome but for some reason in Firefox (53.0.3) none of the player. settings are working. Do you happen to use Firefox and can do a quick test to see if it works via that browser?

Here is what the web console was showing for errors:

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