Setup oauth2 redirect url for chrome extention's tab

i try to save my chrome plugin url (chrome-extension://( CHROME:ID )/app.html) in twitch oauth2 redirect url but i can’t
because oauth redirect url must use HTTPS protocol.!
but i found some app not use https protocol
it is possible?

https protocol unused chrome plugin url

Some old apps have outdated settings, and twitch hasn’t forced those old apps to update yet

Then you need to determine a work around for this.

One possible fix is that the oAuth loop runs to your server then your server redirects to the chrome extension.

Logically you are using implict auth anyway. so you need a JS powered page on your server that will capture and relay (aka proxy) the token.

Or your do an oAuth on your site and have the user copy/paste their token from your site to the chrome extension instead.

Users will need to manually do this every 60 days/whenever the token dies.

Depending on what data you are working with, there is an argument that a chrome extension phones home to your server and the server has used eventsub to collect data and has it readily availble. Then there is no faff with tokens/oAuth at all.

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