Shadowbanned Game Integration Bot?

Is there any way for me to find out if my bot has been shadow banned? And if so, is it still possible to get the bot white-listed with Twitch?

Is there any indication to the bot that its banned?

It still works in my channel (sends/receives) but on at least one other channel, the bot shows up in chat and is clearly able to READ chat but is unable to SEND to the channel.

The bot is a custom implementation and is not generating excessive amounts of text by any means.

@DallasNChains how can I get in touch with you?

Support takes care of bot whitelisting as needed.

If it is just chatting in IRC and not whispers, it shouldn’t have been banned if it is within the documented rate limits. Are you sure the channel isn’t followers or subs only mode?

No whispers (I set the account to not accept whispers, and when I whisper to it it doesnt indicate that that it failed as it usually does?)

The channel is not followers/subs only - everyone in the channel is typing freely. We tried modding the bot still with no change.

My game is launching in 1 week and twitch integration is a huge part of it… is there an actual human that I can talk to about this issue? Typically my support emails are taking several weeks to get even a form reply.

You’re talking to an actual human. :slight_smile:

Have you successfully sent messages in the past and this just stopped working? What is your bot’s name?

Bot: domina_bot
its currently in GrimTier’s channel.

Yeah, its been working fine for weeks on at least three or four other channels.

I don’t mean to be a jerk about the human thing, just so so so burned out and anxious about launch.
Thank you for replying

Happening again on Kyente’s channel.

Is there ANY way to know if an account has been banned or not?

I don’t even know how to start debugging this because it works fine on my channel and many others…

@bignic Your email isn’t verified. Verify your email and that should help. I would also suggest 2FA for the bot account. If you ever need whitelisting, these are both required.

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I think I need to swap my old oAuth for the bot to a new one to prevent older versions of the bot from connecting.
What is the most painless and quick way to disavow an oAuth key?
Will disconnecting the account from the Twitch Chat OAuth Token Generator invalidate the old oAuth code?

@DallasNChains I’m assuming the bot is banned again - I instructed a user to ban it from his channel because people were using his channel to connect their games to - creating multiple bots in the channel.

The bot has since been updated to require a !permit to be issued by either a mod or broadcaster.
But I need to ensure that the old oAuth can no longer be used to spam channels.
I dont have a problem generating a new one and updating the game but wanted to do that without causing a huge outage.
Since the bot seems to be shadow banned again (visible in channels, but not speaking) I’m goin to just do it, but I need some confirmation from twitch that the old oAuth code will be unusable for the bot account.

Disconnecting an app will invalidate all OAuth tokens ever created with it.

Thank you!

My bot is super well behaved, I promise. Lol.

Ok, new version of game today uses a new oAuth code again.

new behaviour: the bot must be !permit -ed by the host or a mod, and it does NOT prompt chat (so no one will !permit a malicious bot because they arent even prompted to do so)

This is like the third time domina_bot has been shadow banned. I know its an annoyance but I’m trying my best. I’m assuming I don’t have any more strikes left but the game is unplayable for chat while the bot is banned. twitch integration was a really big deal for me to get working and hopefully you can see that I’m being responsive and trying to fix the issues as they arise.

@bignic Would you mind emailing me at This looks like it was caught due to some abuse flags we have setup. I’d like to get an understanding of how your bot operates before taking further action on this.


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