Sharing tool: watching past broadcasts on mobile devices


I wanted to watch past broadcasts on my android tablet because most of the streamers I follow stream at times I can’t watch and am not a fan of sitting behind my PC all the time.

The quick tool I made is a web application that downloads the flv’s, converts them to mp4’s and merges the 30min parts into one.

I wanted a web UI because than I can then just browse to it with my tablet, wait for the server to do it’s job and start watching.
Made It for personal use so it’s nothing fancy as it does what I want it to do in a few very simple commands.

You can find it on github here:
Looks like this:

It uses the following:

  • CakePHP framework, that way I was able to box something together in a very short time
  • ffmpeg 1.1 or higher for the conversion, v1.1 because it needs the concat demuxer for merging the 30min segments
  • Centos 6 or any other Rathad based OS, others might work or need tweaks to the exec’s
  • uses sqlite3 DB by default, can be switched to any other DB(sql schema included in db directory)
  • Diskspace and a good internet connection! - these flv’s can be BIG

If more ppl show an interest I might make the UI etc a bit better, but for now it does what I need it to do, and works quite fast& well. Only downside is that I downloaded the entire broadcast first, for me this was no issue as I had a gigabit connection available.