Should i use a IRC or Nodejs or ServerSideProgram?

hello’s it doing.
[my goal]
i would like to get a comment for me with using websocket.
i don’t use a server program (nodejs,pyson,irc and more)
Please tell me how to get comment information on my Twitch broadcast using websocket.

[and more]
i’ve tried to check the following page,but i can’t find it.
I feel like there is no explanation for the part that specifies a TWITCH user.

・ Welcome message
・ Keepalive message
・ Ping message
・ Notification message
・ Reconnect message
・ Revocation message
・ Close message
・ Which events is my WebSocket subscribed to?
・ Subscription limits
・ Migrating from using webhooks to using WebSockets

Should i use a IRC or Nodejs or ServerSideProgram?

Whichever one you want

Heres a code example running in a browser using eventsub websockets: EventSub WebSockets Chat edition with Implicit Auth Example
Heres a code example running as a server side script via various IRC style options: twitch_misc/chat at main · BarryCarlyon/twitch_misc · GitHub
Heres a code example ruinning as a server side script from the documentation: Getting Started | Twitch Developers

You have linked to eventsub websockets

Which works as follows:

  • get a user token
  • create a websocket
  • recieve a welcome message
  • create subscription requests on the chat topic for the user you want to read chat as against create EventSub Subscription
  • to send message use Send Chat Message

Both The EventSub Subscription request and send chat message payloads will describe the user to read/write chat as.

You read a single page about a transport type for EventSub

You need to read the rest of the EventSub documentation: Managing Subscriptions | Twitch Developers

The conditions for the subscription types will describe the Twitch User to read topics as.

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