Shutdown of the V5 API, great!, but

The end of the V5 is coming very soon, it’s a good thing, but there are still some points missing on the new one :

  • /helix/streams (get Streams)

The first thing is the “Get Streams” reference that allows you to retrieve information from one or more lives.

The problem is located with the replay (and other types).

In my case, we provided until now the same tools for these types of live, with the choice to be able to restrict certain commands or announcements so that they are displayed only during a live or a replay.

With the new API, it’s simply not possible to retrieve this information and consequently the tools / restrictions in question.

I’ve read a lot of posts, the question has been pending for several time and no news since.

  • /kraken/channels/channel_id/collections (get Collections)

The second thing is the recovery of collections, we propose the possibility to display via a command the collection related to the category, a quick way to promote the collections created.

Here again, I did not find any reference to the new API (Did I look wrong? :)).

It is mainly the things that remain blocking to finish the migration. But especially for the replay’s.

Are there any solutions planned? Or will it be necessary to announce the removal of related features? :slight_smile:

Anything that’s not already in Helix should not be expected to be in Helix when v5 is shutdown.

If you want things added you’ll have to submit a feature request on UserVoice or vote for existing ones for those suggestions.

It’s also worth being aware of the Migration documentation as some things such as all of the Collections endpoints have already been marked No longer supported via the API.

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ReRuns was filed as a GitHub here for tracking but may err towards a uservoice.

EventSub does report different “stream types” EventSub Subscription Types | Twitch Developers

But you can’t correltate this with a call to helix at the moment.

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That’s why I posted my message, the lack of support for reruns is a big miss in the new API.

It is already done, it is already sent for several years by other users. I have of course voted on the submissions in question.

Indeed, it is well noted for the collections. So I will inform my users about the stop of the related features.

I had indeed seen this post on GitHub, but there is no update / news since :slight_smile:

The EventSub allows you to retrieve this information, but as you say, without an API to correlate the information and above all to be able to check it periodically, it is totally unusable (at least for the features I propose).

@Dist @BarryCarlyon Thank you for your responses :slight_smile: , I will make the necessary announcements and changes, hoping that support for reruns will return soon.

My team is new to the Twitch API integration. How can we stay up to day on migration announcements and changes? This was a surprise to us.

All major announcements will be in the Announcement category of these forums (I highly recommended turning on notifications for new threads being created in that category). and those announcements will also be on the TwitchDev Discord server.

As well as those announcements, for in this case the shutdown of v5 was also announced as deprecated on multiple TwitchDev streams, deprecation banners have been all over the v5 documentation since it was announced a couple years ago, and additional banners to include links to migration guides and the shutdown timelines when they were announced.

As well as all of that, make sure you also have emails enabled in your Twitch settings as multiple warnings have been sent for months now for any apps that had been using deprecated endpoints, and in the future Twitch will likely continue to send such emails when if another service was to shutdown in the future.

Thank you!