Simple bits redemption extension

I am working with a streamer that is new to Twitch. He would like to have an extension that has a set of buttons which allows a viewer to submit a pre-set amount of bits to the channel. It is really very basic and is designed to help users spend a pre-defined amount of bits which have set meaning in his channel.

It appears that the only way for me to build such an extension is to go through and fill out all the monetization stuff so I can test out the extension. It also seems like there is no way for me to allow him to use the extension without it automatically sending a 20% cut to me (which I don’t want).

Is there any way to just have a button do a set cheer in the channel without jumping through all this monetization hoops?

No there is no way to remove the cut.
You can use a chatbot to keep track of the cheers instead if you want.

Have the streamer own the extension and/or the streamer can create an organisation on Twitch and add you as a developer to that extension.

The cut will still happen but the streamer owns the extension they get the cut.

You just might have some fun during testing/running/updating the extension since you are not the owner.

However if all your extension does is just cheer, then you may fall fowl of the “reselling a Twitch product” rule/guideline. since what you describe is basically identical to cheering in chat. There is no added value for the user by doing it via an extension