Simple data extension for my stream

Hi, i wanna make simple extension to use on my stream.
This is possible to run this in dahsboard like nomrmal panel?

Sure extensions are just websites so a clone of this could created as an extension

You just need to ensure that you have something for viewers to see, so likely the enter giveaway button.

And the visisble component on the dashboard will be a quick action that launches a popup

They use twitch redeems to join So can I somehow make button when they click use reedem?

What do you mean by “twitch redeems”

Channel points system from twitch You choose reward for twitch points click on it WebSocket capture it and automatically add to giveaway system

ooooh that might fall afoul of the Channel Points usage guidelines

Extensions cannot natively use Channel Points, the Channel Points “shop” is only in the CP “shop”

But an extension can consume Channel Point redeem data, just like any website, you just cannot initiate the Channel Points usage inside an extension just tell viewers to go to the CP “shop”

(Channel Points are not a currency I’m just using “shop” to more easily describe it)

Rather, here they are used not as a store but as a reward for viewing as a chance to win a virtual item or play with streamer. As for the expansion, it is enough to show data and nothing more :smiley:

Just wanted to mention the ROC just in case