Simple Example Javascript Extension

HI!!! I have many problems with the javascript code in an extension, it does not work, any basic example?

for example the typical

event element.onclick
element.innerHTML = “Hello World”

Another question … how to apply the policy rules, in an extension?

Heres one I wrote

That give some examples fo

What policy rules do you refer to?

What policy rules do you refer to?

section “Restrictions on content”

I thought a “manifest” file (json/xml) with permissions was needed

last question

is required that the javascript code is into .js file for it to work …

Nope! The restrictions there just tells you what you can or cannot do.

Yes you cannot use inline JS has to be included via a script tag

I don’t know why a simple “onclick” event with “innerhtml” doesn’t work for me inside tags in .html file, I will check the code again …


Mines here

Check the console for errors and follow the error (if any shown) back