SKU/Pricing/Approval as a newbie

There’s something that is not clear to me and I have read all about it under the API but still don’t clearly understand (English is not my first language). Since they are all related, I have bundled my questions here and I suspect it may help other newbie like myself.

I have 7 different types of alerts (ex: 1 with sound, 1 with image, etc.) - The end users will decide which one they want to use and how many bits they want to charge (ex: a streamer maybe 100 bits and another streamer maybe 1000 bits for the same alert).

  1. When I read there’s a limit of 250 SKU - What does it mean?? - is it 7 SKU because I have 7 products (with the API it will be different prices per streamer) OR it means the SKU gives me the options to have 250 different variation of prices → Ex: 1-5-10-100-200 bits… and all 7 products will use the SKU 1 bit or SKU 5 bit or SKU 100 bit or SKU 200 bit? That part is really not clear to me.

  2. what is the max amount if bits charged? I read 10000 but can a streamer ask for more?

  3. Is there a required incrementation in amount of bits charged? ex: can someone charge an odd number like 57 bits?

  4. Do all products have to be approved and if yes how quick the validation process? because I got all the financials/identity done successfully. I was just wondering how quick I can be ready?

  5. Do we have a test mode or we need to buy real bits to make some tests with bits?

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

@jbulava I saw that you are very active and helpful (it falls between API and extension) - Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. You can have 250 sku total. So 250 sku meaning you have 250 price points. Not 250 skus each with variying prices.

You get 250 “amounts people can use” in your extension. So if you made 250 products from price 1 to price 250 then you’ve run out of products.

all 7 products will use the SKU 1 bit or SKU 5 bit or SKU 100 bit or SKU 200 bit?

Thats 4 SKUs, and your 7 products will have meta data during your “checkout process” to seperate which product was transactioned.

  1. Amount must be between 1 and 10,000 bits
  2. No. You can do what you want pricing wise
  3. Twitch may ask for changes when you submit your extension for review, and extension review takes as long as it’s takes. Depends what the bits are used for in the extension.
  4. When testing bits are not used. However, to “test transaction” a bits product you need to have a valid bits balance.

If you have 5 bits in your balance you can’t “test transact” a 10 bits product, as even though you bits balance will be unchanged in testing, you still need enough in your wallet to cover it.

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@BarryCarlyon, thanks for being much quicker at answering questions as usual :slight_smile:


Barry - You are genius!

Everything is clear! Thanks you :slight_smile:

@jbulava I understand the extension review takes time that is not specific but can you please give me an idea “in general” is it 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, 30 days? Just so I understand what kind of time we re talking about “In general” Thank you :slight_smile:

Extension Reviews usually take between 2 and 10 working days.

Because of the CSP announcement that will likely require many extensions to update their extension, the review queue may be towards the longer end of that range.

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Awesome! Thank you @Dist everything is clear now :slight_smile:

Back to work…

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