Slow api requests - user's following (using java)

Hi, I’m developing a small app in which I display a user’s list of followed channels. (example url: [][1])
The api takes usually over 2,5 s to respond, can I do something about it? Is this an intended delay?

For me it shows within 1 second, so I guess it depends on your network speed (and latency).

All other requests are about 300 ms or less, only this one takes so long.

Weird, I do not experience a delay at all… try it on a different network perhaps.

I tried a few things and it looks like it’s just java being weird once again, for some reason it’s slow only for the first time each run. It’s possible that it takes some time to establish the https connection or something.

There’s a similar behaviour for C#'s Webclient which tries to detect and load proxy settings the first time. Maybe Java acts the same way

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