“Software & Game Development” – A new streaming category

Over the past year, thousands of Twitch viewers and creators have requested a new streaming category for content related to programming and all aspects of game development. The votes and comments on such UserVoice suggestions as Create a Game Development Category and Programming should be a sep[a]rate category from Science & Technology make it very clear that a new category would be immensely beneficial for this community.

What’s new?

Given the demand to improve the discoverability of this broad – yet complementary – area of content, creators can now go live with the new Software & Game Development streaming category.

While this new category offers an improved focus on development, some creators may want to classify their content further and some viewers may want to narrow their search further as well. To achieve this, creators and viewers can take advantage of stream tags. The full list of tags is always the best source to see which are available, but for convenience we’ve included a list of suggested tags that creators may want to consider depending on the content that will be streaming to the Software & Game Development category. For more information on Tags, see Guide to Tags. And if you have a suggestion for a new tag that is not listed below or in the full list, you can request or upvote existing suggestions on UserVoice!

Thanks again for your upvotes and comments to show just how beneficial this category will be for the broadcasters and viewers in the development community.

Relevant Stream Tags currently available

3D Modeling, Animation, C#, C++, Character Creation, Co-Working, Coloring, Composing, Design, Desktop Development, Digital Art, Drawing, Editing, Educational, Engineering, F#, Game Development, Game Jam, Graphic Design, Illustration, Java, JavaScript, Level Design, Linux, Mobile Development, Music Production, Original Work, PHP, Pixel Art, Programming, Python, Rust, Software Development, Tutorial, Unity, Unreal Engine, Vector Art, Voice Acting, Web Development, Writing


This is amazing @jbulava thank you and the team so much for adding this category in.

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Thank you for making this happen! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you! This is so exciting! Maybe we can get a Ruby tag too?

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Very excited to use this category! Excited for people to see the projects I am working on. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The best place to request tags would be in the Discovery>Tags section of UserVoice!

Thank you for making this happen!

That’s really awesome! I’m a musician and I’ve been asking for a gameaudio or something that puts all film, media, game scoring or sound design in the same category. So, what should this audio community do to get this kind of filter for us? Thanks and congratulations!

Uservoice is the place for making such suggestions https://twitch.uservoice.com/