Solution for Hosting a bot?


I’m working on some bot service. And I’m looking for an hosting solution to host it. I’m at the beginning of it so I’m looking for a cheap (or with a trial-like) hosting solution before spending money on it.
I heard about Glitch, but I don’t like to have my project source “public” and spending 100$ upfront seems a bit hasty.

So do you have suggestions, recommandations ? Things I should be aware of ? I’m very open to discussion !


Some options include

  • aws - has a free tier
  • heroku - not sure if it does a free tier
  • a VPS server box
  • a real Dedicated server boc

There are many VPS/Dedicated providers out there.

I use OVH myself.

I know various other people use more local providers, or Digital ocean or anything else.

Generally you need something that supports SSH access or if you already got a working “glitch bot” that’ll probably be NodeJS so heroku would work to deploy and run.

Essentially it’s the same “task” as serving a website. You need somewhere to host it from.

Since I’m using AWS for the website, I felt like It would be too much for the server to handle the bot on top of it (it literraly crashes when i update composer dependencies).
Also I wanted some kind of monitoring service attached. I’ll be paying at some point of course, but i want to know if i’m heading in the right direction first.
I’ll give a try to heroku - which has a free tier.
Thanks for your help

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