[Solved] Confused of the correct way to developing extension


I am a bit confused on how to start developing my extension. I am trying to understand if I should write the html code directly on the viewers.html,config.html… (i.e. buttons, forms, etc…) or should it just call an API and get that html instead?
I think I read in the doc that this should only return Json, so I am not entirely sure how to go about this.

Viewing the source of an installed extension, I see the same thing as the boilerplate files. I am hoping someone can shed some light as to the correct way of doing this. I already have a site create in PHP that connects to a weather site to retrieve information (it uses Soap), now I want to turn this in to an extension.

A quick note:
I do have my personal extension setup on my chan, all buttons, images, forms are being displayed correctly.


Never mind, I did some deep digging and I figured out what I needed


I’m glad you figured it out!

For the sake of future visitors to this thread, all of the HTML should be in the html files. The only thing that should come from remote systems is data—no markup!

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