[SOLVED] Link For Extension Config

Edit: Using top.location.href actually won’t work, since the hosted CDN serves from a different domain than where the extension sits. Still wish there was an easy way to pickup the username (not ID) or have a generated link that goes to the config page since it’s kinda awkward to get there for streamers.

Solved: This looks like it will work, will try/confirm when I go to hosted mode (got a bit of a build mess right now).

Is there an appropriate way to link to the configuration page for an extension? The link looks pretty static with the ID of the extension and version, but there is also the username in the path. Is there a way to resolve user ids to current usernames?

It’s not critical, but I’d like to link to the config page from the live dashboard because it will improve the navigation flow for users of the extension. I expect the extension’s config page to be used more than the average extension to populate data; which I thought made more sense than directing users to a completely separate website to do so.