[Solved] Problem with chat in my channel

Heya twitchy people !

I recently start doing some streaming and i didn’t figure out but someone i know takes two screenshots and i realize something went wrong i explain:

People can see what i’m writing in my chat but i can’t see their messages that is so bad.

I try to figure out with Opera / Firefox / Chrome, Opera and Firefox have ublock but i turn on/off and refresh but nothing, and Chrome is fully naked fresh install without extensions

I check twitch settings, try with chatty

Nothing appears i ask my friend to follow me but same no visible message

I don’t know what happens but seriously if i can’t see those messages i will be so mad and so sick…

It’s only in my channel other channels i can talk and see people’s messages but not mine.

I need your help please >.<

Also sorry if i ask you something else but can you write each step if i can fix that by myself that would be better (i do that when i help people in game)

Problem solved > actually i have no problem it’s just my friend who has the problem. Sorry for that

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