[SOLVED] Test Hello World example on Twitch


I’m new with Twitch extension development and I have several questions:

  1. When I run the Hello World example locally, I always get EBS request returned (error). So far it had only worked once where it changes color. I’m using Windows 10 and Chrome. I follow the steps on the Hello World GitHub documentation.

  2. For the one time the extension worked, I try to put it to Twitch developer site and want to test it in my channel. But all I see is the name of the extension and summary when I hover it. I can’t see the graphics part. I put down the base URL as http://localhost:8080/
    Panel Viewer path as panel.html
    Configuration path as configure.html
    and this is what I got when I put the extension on my channel

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I figured it out! Before launching the extension in Twitch, you need to go to the local host url and tell chrome to certify this site.