[SOLVED] Twitch.configuration.set not Working

this class in project test not working, and no execute code below. for example

my code test

var array1 = new Array();
document.getElementById("buttonconfig").addEventListener("click", fun1); 
document.getElementById("text1").value = "Johnny"; 

function fun1(){
 array1 .push(document.getElementById("text1").value); 
 array1 .push(document.getElementById("text1").value);

function updateConfig(){
 twitch.configuration.set('broadcaster', '1', JSON.stringify(array1));

when i execute in twitch, this extension execute code “hellooo!!!” but not execute “byee…!!!”

what is the fail?

  • Check you have a onError bound to catch errors
  • Check you have enabled the config service (image taken from a released extension only because I already had the page open)

  • Check you are running .set from a config panel, or when it’s the broadcaster connected

This function can be called by the front end to set an extension configuration. It uses the Twitch-provided JWT for broadcasters, to allow broadcasters to set a broadcaster configuration segment.

ups! I did not know this option in the configuration

I have configured these options and it doesn’t work

*Sorry the options are in spanish

the problem is format JSON twitch.configuration.set(…) ?

the problem was in the documentation, because the function name is written in lowercase


but this doesn’t work, for it to work you must capitalize the first letter of “Twitch”


Yeah a lot of the docs expect you to have case a

const twitch = window.Twitch

I think we have uservoices in place to make adjustments