[SOLVED] Webhooks confirm subscription, but no topic messages are received?

I am developing a streamer platform in attempt to centralise a lot of the moving components for streamers with complicated requirements. I’ve been building with webhooks in mind under the impression that more webhooks will be available in due course…

I understand that webhooks are in preview mode at the moment, but they seem to have ceased functioning in my app with no code changes. I receive the webhook subscription success message, to which I respond with the hub challenge, though I no longer receive any posts to the callback url - Are webhooks down for maintenance, and if not, does anyone have any ideas? and more importantly, is the intention from the devs to move toward webhooks more or is this an experimental phase at this point?

I seem to be seeing the same as well. Subscribe requests results in the correct 202 Accepted response but never receive any POST requests when the topic events occur.

+1 seeing the same.

My dohickey auto remade it’s connection today and I’ve not had anything down the pipe

(On two topics/streamers followers)

We have just completed our investigation and have found the root cause. Things should be returning back to normal shortly.

Now that we’ve discovered the root cause, we will additionally prioritize the necessary infrastructure changes to ensure this issue doesn’t happen again in the future.

Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention!


Still working on a fix? I am still not receiving any events.

The change took a while to roll out, but things should be working. Could you double-check @george?

Hey Jordan,

Thanks for getting round to this so quickly, looks like everything is up and running now. Any thoughts about when webhooks might make it in to production?

Looks ok this morning

Looking good now

Not sure if it’s related to this issue or not but it appears unfollow events are now triggering a “create” webhook event.

I don’t have any data before today to know if it was happening before or not.

First event is an unfollow of “sacriel” from my account “george” and second is a follow:


I can confirm that this is happening for me too!

But it never happend before today for me atleast.

Thanks for verifying this bug @george and @Syzuna! Since it’s the weekend, I’ll have the team take a look Monday morning.

I went ahead and filed the necessary tickets so the work can be prioritized immediately :+1:


This should have been corrected as of yesterday :smile:

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Hi @Jordan_Potter,

Are the event POST messages still going out and working properly?

I’m writing my first Twitch API application and am trying to receive follower events. I’ve subscribed to the topic and have received the 202 Accepted response. My web hook callback URL receives the initial GET confirmation request, to which I respond with the challenge. The same web hook callback URL never receives any POST requests with event data, though. I’m testing by following popular channels, such as summit1g, lirik, etc.

Hey @ryancole, according to our metrics we’re still sending notifications properly :thinking:

I have two things I would try first:

  1. When subscribing, did you specify a “hub.lease_seconds” value that’s greater than 0?
  2. Have you tried hitting your POST endpoint manually?


OOPS! I didn’t see that the default value for lease_seconds is 0! I changed that to something higher and am now indeed receiving events. Thank you so much.

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