Some analytics questions

I’ve read through the doc (lots) and am a little confused on what analytics are available for game developers (in an organization) vs. general user (not in an org/game owner). Is there anywhere / anything that describes the metrics available to each? has a list of metrics, but describes these as only available to orgs. Is there a way to get these (or a subset of metrics) for games not owned by an org?

If I am in an org, is there an API call that returns a list of games I’ve claimed so I can make the right insights requests? (I know if I don’t specify a game it will return a full list)

Appreciate the help!

No you need to “own” the game to get the metrics for a game.

So if you own Call of Duty, you can get Call of Duty stats
But if you don’t own Fortnite you can’t get Fortnite stats

You’d call

And omit game_id then it returns all the reports for all games you own. (it’s an optional parameter)
So you can either extract the game_id from there, Or dump out all the reports for all games you own, no need to make one request per game you own

Regular user: nothing
Game Owner: all the stats in the report(s);

Thanks Barry. I guess I’m confused how there are multiple Twitch metrics sites out there. Are these companies getting metrics on games via a different method than the API?

They collect different metrics to what is in the reports on the insights page you have linked to.

They collect data but continually/repeatedly polling relevant Twitch API endpoints and collating data that way

Thanks again. By relevant Twitch API endpoints - do you mean ?

I was thinking you could listen to the webhook and then poll the above from when a stream started until it ended, but that won’t give you post-stream metrics, like views after the stream ended (replays).

Depends on the metrics you want to collect.

You earlied linked to the insights page and the metrics listed there are only really obtained able from Twitch via the Games Analytics endpoint.

Webhooks also have a limit on the number of subscriptions you can create.

Thanks Barry - both for the info and the speedy replies!

Hi - it’s me again! or… He’s Baaaaaack…

We’re trying to pull a set of metrics for our games and our major influencers. Here’s the set of metrics we’re after:
Game Channel:

  • peak viewership
  • avg viewership
  • number of people watching (at time of call - to build time series)
  • total minutes watched
  • total streamers/channels
  • avg streamers/channels
  • peak streamers/channels
  • followers
  • hours watched
  • streamers by most viewed
  • most viewed channels

For a (set of) Selected Gamers:

  • number of streams
  • minutes watched
  • engagements
  • peak viewership
  • avg viewership
  • followers
  • hours watched
  • Page views
  • Stream views/peak views
  • streamer viewership by hour

In the Sept. 20th post @BarryCarlyon, you mentioned “They collect data by continually/repeatedly polling relevant Twitch API endpoints and collating data that way”. Was wondering if you could point me at the correct APIs to do that for the metrics above. The current Analytics data is too low frequency (daily) and apparently some people dig super fresh metrics…
I realize some of these may be “time series oriented” so just pulling the current values on a set frequency will get us the useful data.

Huge thanks!

For most of the metrics you’ve listed, you can get that by polling the Get Streams endpoint or for followers the Get Users Follows endpoint

That’ll give you the number of current viewers for each stream. For average, peak, time watched, etc… you’ll have to calculate that yourself.

As for data on games, you can use that same Get Streams endpoint and specify the game ID to get streams for just that game. So to get number of streams you would get streams for the game, paginate a few pages and see how many streams there are. For minutes watched you would do the same but sum the viewer count for all those streams etc… it’s all metrics you will have to calculate yourself.

Some things, such as game engagement, game followers, and page views, are not available through the API.

It is also worth noting that there will be a margin of error for game analytics, as to get things like number of streams (and from that, viewership) the Get Streams endpoint by design has progressively larger error rates the further you page through it. If you want accurate data you need to use the Insights provided to Game Developers.

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Thanks and sorry for the late thanks/reply!