Some minor chat bugs

  • This is a fairly minor chat bug that’s been around for a long time.
    When < or > is entered in chat, they seem to be converted to
    their corresponding HTML entities &lt; and &gt;, before being
    searched for emote triggers. This causes the semicolon at the end of
    the entity to be parsed with the rest of the chat as a possible

    This results as follows: A chat input of >P is parsed for possible
    emotes as &gt;P, and ;P is recognized as an emote. This occurs
    for all emotes that begin with a semi-colon.

    As I said, a very minor bug, but a bug nonetheless.

  • A more pressing bug is the lack of a TWITCHCLIENT setting that
    includes parts/joins, userdata from jtv, and data from
    twitchnotify. I assume this would be under TWITCHCLIENT 4. This
    was said to have been ticked as a ‘low priority bug’ in april, 2014
    in this thread.

Thanks for the bug report. I’ve filed it with our QA team, but it probably won’t be fixed too soon.

This will get resolved automatically in the next month or so. We’re actively updating the way emoticons are handled by our clients so that they continue to work as the number of emoticons increases. Long story short, there are too many Twitch emoticons now for clients to deal with them on their own. The chat server will start parsing emoticons and notify clients regarding what text should be replaced in a message.


I’ve added this to our queue with a note to start a thread announcing this change when it hits production. It will be done soonish™.

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I should add that this is to fix the bug that subscriber notifications don’t show up for previous TWITCHCLIENT versions (< 3 and IRC clients). That will be fixed. I cannot say whether we will support JOIN/PARTS for newer TWITCHCLIENT versions, although I can see how that can be useful.

We’re currently in the process of re-thinking how we support and deprecate different client versions without causing headaches on the server or clients.

  • Sometimes when you get logged out of twitch, you appear to be talking as a user named me or a user named justinfan with 6 seemingly random digits after it instead of being prompted to log in. These messages do not actually go through to the server, despite appearing to on the client side. If you are a moderator in the channel when this happens, the mod icons still appear.

  • As a mod, mod icons appear beside the broadcaster and fellow mods (including yourself) among everyone else in chat despite not being able to moderate fellow mods/broadcasters.
    As a broadcaster, the mod icons appear beside yourself despite not being able to time out yourself. This clutters and wastes chat space.

I definately second the need for a TWITCHCLIENT with all information and joins/parts.

Also is there any chance for names in chat to be send correctly capitalized? The only way to achieve that now is to request the capitalization from the API, which means a request for every name. Of course I do this only very carefully (especially since it’s a clientside app), but it still seems like a bit of a waste to do that many requests.

Thanks for you work on chat and listening to feedback in any case. :slight_smile:

I’ve been noticing those messages on TC1, so that seems to be fixed now. Great. :slight_smile:

On a related note, I noticed that the “x is now hosting you for y viewers.” message also only appears on TC3. Would be really helpful to have that as well.

Any news on this? Will the JOIN/PART messages be sent to TWITCHCLIENTs?