Some users cannot install my extension

Hey, I just released an extension a few days ago and a couple of streamers have successfully installed it. However, I’ve heard from 3 other users now who cannot see my extension in the extension directory and when I directly link them to my extension’s page, they don’t see the big purple install button on the top right. Is anyone else having this issue/know of a solution?

I have not heard of an issue like this. Do you have a broadcaster whitelist set on your Extension?

Prior to release I did, but I cleared it. The two streamers who have successfully installed it weren’t on the original whitelist either.

What is the name of the Extension?

Diablo 2 Item Display

I can confirm that there is a broadcaster whitelist set for this extension, with a single entry: 137529941 (BlazerFlamewing).

As the extension is released, I can’t access the ‘Access’ page within the extension settings to modify the whitelist myself. I’m also quite sure that I cleared and saved all of those entries before I submitted it for approval. And even if that is the case, 3 other broadcasters have successfully installed and used the released extension already (p_funkk, Teo1904, flufflo) who were not on the original broadcaster whitelist.

Those users are on your testing whitelist, which is why they are able to see (and install) the extension. You will need to update your whitelists and submit a new version.

I just submitted a new version. I could see that my whitelist was still there. Thanks for your help and sorry for the confusion.

That’s alright. I am looking forward to seeing it go wide to the world!