Some users can't be found - possible API Bug (user_id)

Hi, last year I’ve created chrome extension to get information about streams within twitch group Galaktyka Retro. I think a bug have been added to API because everything was working till this month.
I get information about users that belongs to team and extract their user_id. Then I use it to get information about all of them and push it to the table.Table is populated with streamers info → if streamer is in a group then row is added with informations (online/offline). I can see that in table there are some missing information about streamers that are currently online. I checked responses from API and found out that for some streamers there’s empty data in the body. Maybe returned user_id was wrong? Or maybe I am doing something wrong? I don’t know but it was working for over a year until now :person_shrugging:

Here’s link to the extension:


it can take time for the API to update to show/remove channels that are recently went live/offline.

So it’s likely just caching

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Maybe it’s caching but streamer that I used for demonstration (Pumpernikiel_22b) is online for over 2h right now :worried: Streamer ‘Enfaude’ is online for 20 minutes and information about him has been correctly obtained…

btw nice website :laughing:

They load for me via the Twitch CLI invoking the API

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I assume the error is somewhere on my side. Thank you for your support. I checked extension on different browser (freshly installed) and same things occured BUT then I checked it on the different computer and everything works fine. Your answers helped me narrow down my bug search to my hardware. Thank you once more :saluting_face: