Sometime every 2-5sec buffer size decreased more than 1 sec

Here chart buffer size of video
But sometime buffer decreased (see here: Is it a bug? Or is settings for decrease buffer time. How i can disable this behavior?

The buffer represents how much video you’ve downloaded and are able to play before downloading another chunk. It is normal for this value to fluctuate between 4-12 seconds. An abnormally high value (over 16 seconds) means your internet is flaky and we’re making the stream “less live” to avoid stuttering. An extremely low value (under 4 seconds) means your internet is too slow to download the stream chunks before we finish playing the prior chunk, and means you should decrease the quality option (if available) or ask the streamer to reduce their bitrate.

Could you write a command or anything to stop the buffer from decreasing? Because the streamer won’t reduce his bitrate for 2-3 viewers out of 40-50 and it really makes his stream unwatchable. I don’t care having more delay than others but watching an unstable video that goes forward/backward all the time is just so disgusting.
I am not the only one with slow internet and i am pretty sure i am not the only one angry at twitch for no reason :wink:

If the buffer keeps hitting zero for you (a buffer empty), then it implies your internet speed is not high enough to download the stream at it’s current bitrate. Unfortunately, the stream bitrate is set by the broadcaster and Twitch can’t change it for every viewer, leading to your situation.

Quality options (transcodes) are our current method of trying to deal with this issue, but giving a stream quality options is extremely expensive for us, so we’ve been unable to offer it to all channels. However, we are always trying to give more streams quality options, and hope that even small streams will benefit from them in the near future.

Hello! Sorry for digging this topic.
Didn’t want to create new topic but i have problem with the small buffer size. Wish there would be a way to force so buffer wont be empty.
F.ex. watching: Twitch

stream stats -Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I know my internet is not all that good but still think its enough to watch stream.

If I understand correctly, the buffer increases if your connection is unstable. In other words, if you are buffering the player will increase your delay to accommodate the instability of your connection. You might also seek to lower the quality if you continue to have issues.

That is better than my internet speed. I dealt with this issue a few months ago, before I switched from Wireless to Ethernet. My wireless receiver would only receive 30 out of the 60 Mbps available. I switched to Ethernet, making it so I got the full 60, resolving my issue.

As of today, the issue returned. Buffer, Buffer, Buffer, Buffer, and then finally it quits attempting to fill the buffer. This happened and is happening with all streams on Twitch. I previously could watch on source without a problem, but this issue previously forced me to use mobile quality. And even then the buffer would eventually fail and quit. This in the second time in 2-3 months, and honestly, I’m sick with this nonsense junk.

Here is my internet speed if anyone is wondering:

You’re bumping a 5 month old thread to publicly complain because you’re buffering for the second time in a time span of a few months? Lol.

Don’t mean to bump any old thread. As time goes on, you require more bandwidth to use Twitch. As far as I’m concerned, old threads can still point to issues that are still existent. I see no reason why I should upgrade to faster internet just to use Twitch, when my internet has been sufficient for every stream I’ve watch for the past year and a half.

As far as I’m concerned, old threads can still point to issues that are still existent.

This is the case when you have the same problem. In your case, this thread is unrelated to your problem.

As time goes on, you require more bandwidth to use Twitch.

This is not necessarily true. I’ve been around in the JTV/Twitch community since 2010. Apart from the shift into HD content, there has been no significant changes to bandwidth requirements in the past 3 years.

Your maximum sustained Internet speed has little significance for the rate at which you download video content from Twitch.

In other words, the reason you’re buffering is usually not because of your Internet speed, your local network, or Twitch. It’s the path by which your Internet connects to Twitch.

Think of the Internet as a series of pipes. These pipes can get easily clogged. Your ISP, Internet Service Provider, is responsible for finding you the best set of pipes for you to use (which is called routing). If you’re buffering, it’s because a pipe is clogged somewhere in your route to Twitch.

This is an issue for you to work out with your ISP, since they are generally at fault for these congestion issues (they save money by choosing lowest cost routes).

Gotcha. Never thought of it that way. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Hi, sorry for bringing this topic back up so long after it has finished. But I was wondering if there was a way that you could have a setting on twitch that would let you set the size of your buffer, to be like a 10 minutes on twitch videos. Not the streams but the videos example I like to have twitch open in the background while playing a game (offline) so that the twitch video will buffer and then I can watch with less buffering stops but my problem is that there seems to a max size to the amount you can buffer and this seams to be around 25-30 seconds id love to be able to set that to be 10+ minutes as then I know that my internet could keep up with the rate that i watch the video at.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

This was same issue with me. i got appropriate answer in this discussion. Thanks…