Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat

I have been seeing this constantly for a month or more now. It’s happening on different channels at different times. If it was my connection then I would expect to see this happen on all channels at the same time. Also notice it’s only a brief hiccup as the reconnecting seconds never go above 2.

  • Your bot might be getting the account banned for two hours (spam protection)
  • Twitch might just be derping (Large migrations to AWS across several systems are creating a fairly unstable environment at this time. AWS for the long run should be a lot better, but the cutover has been painful.)
  • Maybe your browser is blocking/otherwise timeout the connection (IE: ssl connections are particularly slow to be negotiated) - This seems less likely due to ‘Different channels at different times’ piece of information.

I’m leaning towards #2, but #1 is feasible!

I’m not using a bot. The screenshot is of chat popout windows.
This has been occuring since before I was moved to AWS servers.

I realize that’s a screenshot of a popout chat - but if your bot that you program with is using the same account that you’re logged in with, you can ban yourself that way.

I see what you’re saying. The popout windows are logged in on my main account. If I’m running a bot it uses a different account.

Here’s another good point, my bot doesn’t seem to have an issue connecting to All my users including me have trouble connecting to But this intermittent disconnecting is only web chat as far as I can tell.

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Are you using SSL to connect to

No, I’m not using SSL, it still seems to work, it just takes a couple attempts to connect sometimes. My real concern is why my web chats keep spamming this message periodically.

I have been getting this error message for over a year now.
It only happens to me when there is no message being sent for a few minutes. (quiet chat channels)
Also, I have no way of knowing when exactly I get disconnected other than the error message:
“Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat”, that pops up about 10 min after the last message received.
I know I get disconnected beforehand because if I refresh the page after a few minutes of silence, I see the missed messages in the tiny little bit of scrollback that BTTV offers.

Since it happens 100% of the time, I guess it has something to do with my TCP timeout setting.
Because I only get disconnected if there is no chat being sent or received for a few minutes.
So… what is a recommended TCP timeout value? Or maybe I’m mistaken, any ideas?

Relevant info:
Can watch any stream just fine without flash. (html5)
Chat disconnects with and without flash installed.
Using Firefox 64 bit 45.0.1 (used to have 32 bit, same problem)
With and without BTTV plugin.
I haven’t tried any IRC programs, just regular Twitch chat.
Don’t have any problem with other TCP or UDP connections, all stable.
Edit: Windows 7 64 bit

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In these two windows I typed test at the same time. As you can see they don’t time out at the same times and it ALWAYS gives 2 messages at once.

Still nothing huh? I get that this is a pretty low prio issue, but it’s extra annoying for me because I actually like to chat in channels that don’t get spammed to oblivion.
Can’t anyone give us any some pointers or something?
This issue is very hard to troubleshoot if I can’t even tell when exactly I get disconnected, or even why.

I’ve been thinking about learning to use wireshark and troubleshoot my connection, but i’m too busy atm.
Also just a bit more info:
Whenever i wait for the “unable to connect” message to pop up (no refresh) i get a sudden burst of messages whenever it reconnects.

I guess a “workaround” would be to use a browser plugin that automatically refreshes the page every few mins.
When paired with the BTTV scrollback, at least i won’t miss any messages that way.

HELP UUUUSSSSSS! Make this annoy crap stop. I’m tired of scrolling up to see conversations that got sweep away by this notification.

I have no idea what browser that is, or why it has so many icons.

But I anticipate that you are having some plugin interfere.

Further more this is third party developer forums, so if you are having connection issues to chat, @TwitchSupport on Twitter need poking rather than the third party developer forums.

That’s chrome and those aren’t plugins. It’s the bookmark toolbar with their titles erased so it only shows icons.

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