Sort viewer count ascending

Hi, I’m new to the api and testing the functionality. How can I do a request with a reverse sort for example

I don’t think there is a reverse direction for /streams. You’ll probably have to use ._total for &offset= and &limit= parameters.


{ _total: 915, streams: [ {} ] }

Get all, in reverse chunks

You could use floor(_total / 100) * 100 to get the start offset for reverse sorting and use as many request as you need. You’ll still need to reverse the streams array data.
/streams?sort=views&language=en&game=overwatch&offset=900&limit=100 // 15 items
/streams?sort=views&language=en&game=overwatch&offset=800&limit=100 // 100 items


/streams?sort=views&language=en&game=overwatch&offset=100&limit=100 // 100 items
/streams?sort=views&language=en&game=overwatch&offset=0&limit=100 // 100 items

Get the last 100

Or just subtract 100 from _total and then go from there if you just want the last 100. Again, make sure to reverse the streams array data or at least recognize that it’s still descending order.
/streams?sort=views&language=en&game=overwatch&offset=815&limit=100 // 100 items

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