Sorting /search/streams results

Hello! First time Twitch API user here. I didn’t see any topics on this issue in particular, but I apologize if I overlooked one.

Is there any chance for a sort parameter for /search/streams? Right now it’s sorted by viewers descending, which is useful, but not always what I want. Sorting by streamer name, stream title, number of viewers, game title, etc. would be awesome, probably with a dir parameter for ASC/DESC as well.

My plan in the absence of remote sorting is to make as many calls as needed to pull down all of the data from all pages, store it locally, and sort it at runtime, but remote sorting would be much cleaner. (I’m also concerned about synotna’s issue in this thread, but duplicates can be filtered out on my end and I’m not as worried about dropping one or two streams between pages.)