Sound recognizer bot

Hello, not sure I posted in the right category so please forgive me.

I would like to know if it could be possible to make a bot recognize a particular sound playing on a live stream and react.
As an exemple, let’s imagine that I am playing a FPS and each time I shoot the bot ear the particular spectrum of the gunshot and add +1 to a counter.

Thanks for your help, I am new here and a french student programmer trying to improve so please feel free if you have any advise or ideas in order to help me :wink:


There are no API’s that let you listen to the stream.

So it’s a no can do at time of writing.

Like @BarryCarlyon said. There is no official way to listen to audio from a live stream, and I don’t particularly know if this is allowed. But a possibility is to listen to the audio from a live stream with unofficial methods.
Note that I have never done any programming with sound, so all that is up to you.

The way I know to do it just gets the video stream and convert it to audio in real-time using ffmpeg (or similar).