Source button stops the stream

We have a problem since 3 days. Whenever we get a source button (the last 3 streams) the stream completely stops for the user. That means, we drop from 50 or 80 views down to 2 or less until all people in chat refresh the page or stop the stream and restart it. That wasn’t a problem before.

It is incredible annoying as the twitch counter seems to be delayed for some reasons and it always kicks out off the top ranks for some time.

As far as I’m aware, this happens because Twitch moves your stream to a transcoding server. Every viewer has to reconnect again to the stream once the switchover occurs. There’s no way to stop this unless you always have transcoding (i.e. become a Twitch partner).

Thank you for your reply. This worked fine before. The old stream stopped and the flash player started to play the new video from the other server (maximum pause 10 seconds). However, it does not work anymore. Now the stream just stops and never resumes again, not even after a few minutes.