Special Inquiry: Stream & Category

Hello Twitch Dev Community :slight_smile:

Excuse me :blush:,
if I post my special request in this category.

I could not find a corresponding forums category, if not, a mod can move the post, please.

it is about the following concern:

It’s about the Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/lootchestde

An office stream with merchandise products, gaming sessions and talk rounds.

If a gaming session or a talk round has taken place, the mods have always changed the stream title, which also complies with the guidelines.

Suddenly, then the channel was locked for 24 hours. , you got the following message:
Incorrectly categorized content or other category violations warnings.

The mods have always changed the stream title.

Can someone take some time here and tell me
against which exact guidelines we have violated?

The videos are saved, then you can look at it better.

Would be sincerely grateful.
Unitforce :wink:

Hello Unitforce,

this is the Third party developer forum, sadly we cant help you with that matter.
For problems like this you need to talk to the twitch support.

HI Syzuna.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Then there is no other choice than to contact the support.

Do you have a direct e-mail address for support?

Thank you in advance :wink:.

You can use following form to contact twitch support


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