Specify extension height and width in pixels

Hi community,

Is possible to specify height and width of an extension in pixels? Or does it always have to be in percentage based on the video aspect ratio?


The player can vary in size, so a component has to be based on a % so that it can keep the same relative position and size within the player, providing a consistent experience for both viewer and broadcaster.

Is there a default max width and height for the extension though? It looks like I’m locked into a pre-defined box that for some reason has a css transform of .1875


Hey there markmakes

Here is a bit of information that you might find useful:

  • Overlays are the exact size of the stream.
  • Components are up to 50% of the width.
  • Panels have a max height of 500px. Though a few pixels are lost around the edge, thus the largest size for a panel is 318 width by 496 height.

From what we can see, it looks like you may have pixel zoom enabled on your dashboard.

Hope this helps!

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Excellent! Thank you for that thorough explanation. I’ll search through the docs for the pixel zoom enabling. I’m sure it’s there.

Sorry, @Navi I can’t find the pixel zoom option anywhere in the dashboard and all the searches I’ve done aren’t yielding anything. Mind showing me where this is?

Select a version of your extension to manage, then go to the ‘Asset Hosting’ tab from the menu on the left. Zoom and Zoom Pixels options are underneath the Component Viewer Path.

Keep in mind CSS zooming is only an option for Component extensions, if you don’t have that type of extension selected then those options wont show as it’s not relevant.

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PERFECT. Thanks @Dist

It would nice to have a max with for the components, though

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You necro’ed a old thread again.

Max width for Old style components is 50%

Max width for new style components is covered under