Starting commercial break

I’m trying start commercial via api and got
{"Message":"Starting commercial break. Keep in mind you are still live and not all viewers will receive a commercial.","Length":30,"RetryAfter":0}
Channel is live, channel is partnered
Via chat got some error too.
So idk what a problem

Hm, seems like if i’m try 1 more, then i got
{"error":"Too Many Requests","status":429,"message":"The channel has recently ran a commercial and needs to wait another 356 seconds before running another one.\n"}
Maybe first error was incorrect and commercial was started?

What was the first error? It looks like you successfully started a commercial break, then got an error for trying to start another commercial break too soon.

First error in my first post

That quoted response doesn’t indicate any error occured. Compare it to your second post where the error field is present.

Please explain in more detail what behavior were you expecting and what actually happened. Also, how are you interfacing with the API and where are these responses being captured?

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So then it’s wasnt error and my commercial was started, right?
Trying via curl
i’m just thought that i;mm got something like another response
{"Message": "commercial was starded"}

I can’t be certain that the commercial break actually started, but the first response you posted does imply that your request was handled successfully. There is no error here, as far as I can tell.

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Thx for the answer!

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The commercial break started.

Some users won’t get an ad(s) because there is no ad inventory for their region.

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