Starting Nov 1 - EOY Streamers Can Use Bits-Enabled Extensions for FREE

I was watching the Dev Day VOD and saw a discussion saying broadcasters who use bits enabled extensions will receive 100% of the bits beginning November 1. Twitch will compensate developers the 20%.

I have not seen this announced today yet. Please post on Twitter etc.

This should be announced everywhere to broadcasters as this is a common area of friction to installing and trying bits enable extensions; however great the extension may be.

Thanks for asking about this, @dash. As you saw, starting Nov 1 through the end of this year, Twitch will cover the developer rev share to help streamers try Bits-enabled Extensions — meaning everyone wins!

There is a substantial marketing effort for streamers right now about the promotion. Please feel free to pass along news of the promotion to your communities as well.

I have mentioned it to a few streamers. Most did not see the announcement or the notice on the bits enabled extension’s details page. Maybe Twitch could extend this promotion to allow time to get the word out about extensions? Any reduction of friction to get more streamers to install extensions would greatly help!

Thanks Jon.

Confirming. Those I’ve talked with have not heard on any revshare changes or didnt pay attention to revshare scheme notice. Which is critical for bits-centered extensions such as one we have. They actually were thinking that 100% by default would go to them. So agree with @dash. Extending this might be really useful

I want to update this thread because I just walked a streamer through my extension today, and they had no idea about the percentage split or the free usage until Dec 31.

Additionally, I was watching a channel yesterday, and the streamer was talking about how she didn’t want to split 50/50 with the developer. But since she heard a promotion was going on until Dec 16, she was willing to give some a try. She’s in the UK, so I’m not sure if the promotion is different there. But I suspect it’s not, so it would be very helpful to extend the promotion or marketing efforts.

I can DM channel names if you need verification.