Starting point - Collecting user watches, follows, subscribes, and hosts


I am working on a plan I have for some analytics. Is it possible through the API to get who a given user

–Has watched ( and when )
–Has followed ( and when )
–Has subscribed to ( and when )
–Has hosted ( and when )

If so, can someone direct me to where the best place to read up on these tools? I saw the python (preferred language) API on github, but some of that information I did not see. Is it possible to obtain this information?


  1. Has Watched: No
  2. Has Followed: Yes,
  3. Has Subscribed: Yes,
  4. Has Hosted: Not in any meaningful way
  1. ~
  2. ~
  3. If you have permissions from the Subscriber or Channel Owner.


I imagine (1) can be circumvented by polling channels to see who is currently watching. It wouldn’t be all-inclusive, but it would give a daily snapshot I suppose.

2/3 - Thanks!

4 - Whats the “not meaningful” way? Perhaps something is better than nothing.

  1. You’d only see who was in chat not whom is actually watching, As noted: [Feature request] Possibility to query actual viewers of the stream
  2. ~
  3. ~
  4. There are some details if you’d search the forums. There is only an undocumented, unofficial, unsupported end point for host information. Aside from logging into chat as the broadcaster and listening for host notifications in chat, as documented in the IRC notes on the github or this site.

Thanks! I also didn’t realize you needed broadcaster rights to see who is subscribed to who. Guess this is the end of this particular research rainbow, too much information missing it seems.

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