Startup Error in Dev Native Rig

Cant start Native Dev rig. I get this error on start. If I uninstall and reinstall it works for a few mins, but than the screen will just go blank and when I restart the error shows back up.


That appears to be a known problem addressed in recent versions of the Developer Rig. Please download the most recent version, 0.9.9, for MacOS or Windows.

I saw the old post too saying it was addressed some where in version. I’m am using the updated version and I am still getting the issue. I’ll post up the entire error… should have shown it before. I tried the native version cause I borked the old github version when adding a panel. Hoped the native may work better.


Edit: Is there some kind of a caching that doesn’t get deleted when uninstall?

Also the twitch dev does run in the background of my task manager after it fails to load. I have to manually close it from taskmanager.

Thank you! The full stack trace is very helpful. I believe I have found the issue. I will release a new version of the Developer Rig this afternoon.

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Yeah sorry I know better, should have posted that up the first time.