State/Plans for Group chat

Group chats have been in a state of (developer-)abandonment for a long time now, more than a year easily. Core features (like modding and unmodding people) have been broken and there have been no attempts to fix anything with those issues.

However, I do believe group chats fill a role on Twitch and I wouldn’t want to give up on them. Even in this broken state, I continue to use a long standing group chat. But without any developer time on them, they obviously won’t reach their potential.

Would be great to hear what Twitch’s plans/intentions are for group chats. Will they be fixed and iterated upon? Will something new replace them?

From what’s been said publicly, Twitch had stated plans to get rid of group chat eventually. They never iterated on it after release and it’s been in a very broken state for a while. They still use it for whispers and some large channels still use group chat for “pleb chat,” which is probably why it’s still being kept around.

I’ve seen many group chats migrate to Discord, which you may want to look into.

Yeah I’ve already created a Discord for the main group chat I still use and most of the regulars have joined, but it’s not quite the same, just because it’s not on Twitch.

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