"{"status":401,"message":"invalid csrf token"}"

I wanted to connect my twitch account with several other sites and programs like curse forge and discord.
I would want to know if there was a way to fix this without needing to wait. Because I’ve already waited 3 months and yet i haven’t got anything different.

have u tried clearing your system cache and cookies if that doesnt work also If you open an incognito tab/inprivate tab and try to connect your twitch account

Relog on Twitch.

Your CSRF cookie is out of date.

Happens most commonly to Firefox users for some reason

Thanks guys for the information, it really helped!

fangthe1st, i thank you for giving me the incognito tab idea, that way of connecting on my twitch account actually worked!

I wasn’t expecting much, but thank you all so much again for the help.

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