Steam Connection

On the connection page of your profile is stated that: ‘By connecting your Steam account, you acknowledge and agree that your Steam ID will be publicly visible in the Twitch API’. I can’t find anything in the API documentation to retrieve the Steam ID from a given user. Am I missing something?

It’s on a undocumented end point which iirc was under V3 so it’s about to be removed.

I’d have to go digging for where I remember it being. It’s usually used for the in built CS:GO integration (map detection) iirc rather than fully for third parties to poke at

So the CS:GO integration will break in a few weeks?


I’ve found this post, but there is no Steam ID in the response. I’d like to use it, to check if a user ownes a game on steam.

Then you should get the user to authenticate via Steam oAuth on your own systems/website rather than rely on Twitch

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