Steam keys as twitch drop


Company first time on twitch and they are interested in giving steam beta keys for a game after X amount of time watched. How do we tackle this problem?
What would be the steps in setting steam keys as drops?
Organization is registered on twitch so we covered the basic first step.
In “Create Drop Manager” i dont see any field regarding “Rewards” as documentation says, so what am i missing?
in reward manager i dont see anything that can help me with steam keys. Only “Reward Name”, “Game”, “Account Connection URL” and toggle for IOS Based Rewards.

How would i go to setup steam beta keys as twitch drop in campaign? Kindly asaking for some help, or steps

Thank you!

Drops works as follows

  • A User Meets the criteria for a drop
  • A user claims the drop
  • Twitch notififies you that user has claimed the drop
  • You then run any operations that are relevant to devliver the reward. Twitch will not run or deliver the rewards for you.

The Twitch API just lets you define the name and image and parameters of a reward. Not the key(s) or delivery of the rewards

So for Drops to Steam Keys this works a follows

  1. User visits Twitch
  2. User clicks the connection link, they are taken to your website
  3. User clicks login with Twitch to create the connection between them and your clientID
  4. You then ask the user to login with Steam with the key redeeming scope
  5. You store the userID pair in your database

Then then your campaign is running (if using EventSub)

  1. User meets crtiera for a drop
  2. User clicks “claim drop”
  3. Twitch Sends you an EventSub telling you Twitch User X has earned a drop
  4. You lookup Twitch User X in your DB, see they are steam user Y
  5. You assign Steam User Y a steam key and redeem it for them using the Steam API


Twitch cannot do this for you
You need to build the code for it yourself

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