Stream Changed webhook not sending title changes after initial period

I’ve successfully subscribed to and am processing the Stream Changed webhooks for various users. I’ve noticed that stream title changes aren’t being published after an initial period, i.e. I get updates for title changes within the first 20 minutes or so of the stream, but not later changes. I haven’t had any problems getting game changed notices.

A recent example: the channel SpeedGaming started streaming at about 5:50 pm Eastern today (Jan. 2). The stream title changed around 6:45 but there was no notification published to my subscription endpoint.

Check the following:

  1. Check your raw server logs to see if the Post arrived but it failed verification. Some people have a bad verification bit of code.
  2. Check your subscription is still active.
  3. I’ve had this happen but it’s been a bit more reliable recently. I’ll copy this post into the TwitchDev Discord. But we will need your ClientID that the Webhook subscriptions are created against to investigate

For this project, my ClientID is 2aaxjk731hw6b75gd8zvz141a34h10

I had another instance of the problem this morning with user_id 40028988.

2019-01-03T14:19:35.232Z - stream started, successfully received notification
2019-01-03T14:25:33.373Z - stream title changed, successfully received notification
2019-01-03T17:10 (approx.) - stream title changed again, but no notification received

I double checked the webhook subscription for this user and it’s good until 2019-01-12.

Hey @sparklo, thanks for surfacing this! There is currently an issue where title and tag changes are NOT triggering the webhook. We are currently prioritizing this.

I’m sorry for the trouble this may have caused :frowning:

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