Stream does not go Live

so im sick and tired of posting to twitch support only to get ignored.

(no this is not my first time trying to get ANY kind of support from twitch)

as my first topic says, twitch suddenly took a dumb. streaming on xsplit, encoding frames, 0 dropped frames, archive shows recent broadcast attempts but channel never goes live.

fix plz

You should email or ask the community for help at

twitch support is useless.

I’m going to reply to your original message, as it gives me more to go off of.

typical. “please send your questions to blah blah blah” sends questions to them “im sorry you have reach the blah blah please send your report to bla blah” ok so you dont help anyone on your twitter support account, you ignore emails, you ignore your own help forums, you ignore these dev support forums, so you know what. go fuck yourselves

Our twitter support account actually tweeted that we’re looking into the issue 45 minutes ago, and that simply waiting up to 5 minutes will cause the stream to be properly show as live.

If you’re getting a response to your emails, then clearly we’re not ignoring them, we’re just trying to get you to the right place so that the right people can answer your questions. That’s why here in the developer support forums we do not answer questions about website issues. It’s simply not something we’re knowledgable about.

If you browse the rest of this forum, you can see that we do respond to help requests for the API or building an IRC bot. If your topic isn’t in those categories, we can’t help you here. I understand it’s frustrating to get redirected several times, but that’s currently the solution we have in place.

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