Stream not showing in search list

not sure what’s happened to my stream… as when I stream using ps4 or pc it is still live and streaming as I post links on facebook.
my current issue is my streams are not showing up on search, so say I’m streaming alien: isolation for example
if you were to search up alien: isolation my stream won’t show up in the search for others or myself… does anyone know of a setting or why this might be happening?

Searching for Game
If you are saying you are playing “Alien: Isolation” and your stream doesn’t show under the game category then go on your Twitch Dashboard and make sure the game you are playing is set up from the list of games Twitch provides.

Searching for Stream Title
If you are saying that your stream title is “Alien: Isolation” and when you search it on Twitch it doesn’t come up then this is nothing new, not every stream is shown when searching for the stream title.

Cheers mate however already made sure it’s twitchs titled game from list. Ps4 usually does that automatically. This only recently has happened my streams have always appeared when game title search has been done. I’ve emailed twitch but unsure how long the wait is. Hoping someone might of come across this before

still not resolved… and no word from twitch as of yet. anyone got any ideas?

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