Stream.offline event is dealyed

I’ve noticed that there a delay on the event is fired at my eventsub.
for example video 1961973320 was ended 2 days ago but the event arrived at my server about 20 hours ago.

what can be done? is that a known issue?

What was the retry count on the message you actually recieved?

It sounds like eventsub tried at the correct time
But it failed
And when it retired on attempts 1/2/3 those also failed
And you got attempt 4

All my eventsubs are working as normal.
So this sounds like for some reason you URL wasn’t reachable or was erroring.

Thanks for your reply. How can I tell the attempt number if the request I got?

The Twitch-Eventsub-Message-Retry header will provide the “retry attempt number”

checked all of my recent messages , all are in retry 0.
It’s been 4 hours since the stream has ended and there’s no stream.offline event.

The relevant video is 1963022170 although it happens quite a lot.

well we are interested the values from the that specific event not recent events.

Videos don’t equate to a streasm so this isn’t useful info really. Videos don’t stream/trigger online/offline

Since this is the only report that I’m aware of, I doubt it’s twitch side.

Offline is usually it’s only around a minute or two or even faster. So it’s weird you are getting it days later (if it’s even for the same stream)

I was reffering to the VOD id (video id) of that stream.
Since most of the streams arrive on time , maybe there’s something in the way those streamers maybe end the stream that causes the event to not fire on time or not fire it all?

Yeah they are not actually “linked” like that generally speaking

That would delay it by minutes at most not

over a day later

thanks again for your replay.
most of the streams for most of the streams are totally fine , arriving on time.
But for some streamers it seems to be delayed.

I was wondering if there’s any settings and/or scenario in which this kind of delay might happen?

No, and any delay would be minutes not day(s)

A stream ends it stops on the site
The Vod (if enabled) of the stream stops getting added to
Disappears from the API
And EventSub dispatches the stream offline

is there’s a way to know if the event was send to the event sub and was recieved or failed to be received from Twitch’s side?

When you get the “second/third/x’th” attempt the retry header is not 0

If you don’t get it at all then you won’t know it failed

Twitch doesn’t have a log you can look at to see what you got or missed

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