Stream on Apple TV


There are Apple TV apps where you can watch Twitch streams.
I don’t see anything in the documentation about how to do this.
Anyone who knows how to show a Twitch stream in an Apple TV app?


There is nothing in the official documentation to cover this. Might want to make this suggestion via uservoice instead

To make a Apple TV app

I’m not sure if you think this is a question or trying to correct me.
But there are Apple TV apps where you can watch Twitch streams like Twitchy and Multi Stream.
If you have any idea how they are doing, please share.
Otherwise, thank you for your time.

By using undocumented endpoints that technically bypass the Twitch TOS. (There used to be a clause about advert bypass and/or reverse engineering the Twitch Website)

The only official way to cover embedding and/or display of a Twitch Stream is documented here:

If it’s not a violation of the Twitch TOS and a reliable solution, I don’t see a problem. But I don’t see why not adding this to the documentation either. So I’ve suggested this via uservoice as you mentioned in earlier.

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