Stream pausing after setChannel() when previous channel is offline

I am writing a basic streamer hub. I have some links setup that call setChannel() on a single Twitch.Player object.

If I player.setChannel(“some-OFFLINE-channel”) the player switches to that channel and my console slowly accumulates 404’s attempting to connect to the offline channel. If I then player.setChannel(“some-ONLINE-channel”) the player switches, begins playing, and then will pause if/when a remaining 404 occurs from the previous channel.

It’s as if some requests were made when the player was set to “some-OFFLINE-channel” and they still interact with the Twitch.Player object when they timeout and callback.

I couldn’t demonstrate this issue in codepen/jsfiddle so here is a raw example. Example works locally.

Thanks for the report! I’ve sent this over to the video playback team. I’ll let you know what they have to say! :slight_smile:

I moved to another method as my project is due later this week. If you would like I can create an issue on the GitHub with the information I have if you’re sure this is not an implementation error on my end. Thanks.

Good call out. I reproduced this on the Flash player. I’m going to file some issues internally. Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

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