Stream status update in real time

Hi there!
Is there a way to access the info from this endpoint each time something is changed as opposed to making a request every x minutes (ex: with setInterval())? A way to make the server push the info to our app or something…

Otherwise, what ways to use this endpoint for updating a stream status (online/offline) in “real-time” would be? (except javascript’s setInterval() )

Or is there any other way to get a stream status in real time using Twitch API?


Currently, polling it at an interval is the way you have to do it.

You could set up a basic crontab using php or a Scheduled Executor thread in Java and poll at a set interval. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until webhooks become a reality for the gen-pop of developers.

They are on the road map but with no set in stone release date.

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