Stream up notification - moving to new API

Hello, currently I make “get followed streams” request every X minutes and compare result with the previous one, this is the way I know if some of my followed channels goes live.
I decided to move to new API because it doesn’t need authentication and notifications are delivered instantly due to webhooks.
Let’s say that I have 100 follows, so the algorithm is:

  • Get followed streams list
  • Make 100 separate “subscription” requests (also deal with rate limits)
  • Answer to 100 challenges
  • Repeat every X days

As we can see, things became way more complex. Should it work like this? Would be more convenient to subscribe to multiple events at once…


Probably. But that doesn’t fit with the WebSub Specification.

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As it’s your follower list, which the server already has, you’d think there would be a way to subscribe to your follower list.

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